1. These Cashback terms and conditions (the “Cashback T&Cs”) shall apply in addition to, and comprise part of, the general ZALORA Terms and Conditions as set out at Zalora Hong Kong Terms & Conditions (the “ZALORA T&Cs”), and any capitalised terms used herein without definition shall have the meanings assigned to them in the general ZALORA T&Cs. By using our Platform, you indicate that you accept these Cashback T&Cs as well as the general ZALORA T&Cs.

2. If there is any inconsistency between: (i) these Cashback T&Cs, (ii) the Cashback FAQs or any other brochures, marketing or promotional materials relating to Cashback; and (iii) the ZALORA T&Cs, the following order of precedence shall be applied, but only in so far as is necessary to resolve that conflict or discrepancy:

a. the ZALORA T&Cs;

b. these Cashback T&Cs; 

c. the Cashback FAQs or any other brochures, marketing or promotional materials relating to Cashback.

3. We reserve the right to revise these Cashback T&Cs or terminate the Cashback programme and any part thereof at any time. Such changes will take effect from such a date as we may determine. Further, we also reserve the right to revise the stipulated validity date of accrued cashback prior to the date of termination. We will notify you of such changes via email. No additional Cashback will be credited after the date of termination


Use of CashBack

4. You may use Cashback while making payment for Products on the Platform only, subject to the terms set out in these Cashback T&Cs.

5. To manually confirm any Cashback-eligible items check the balance of Cashback, please visit "My User Account" on the Platform. ZALORA accepts no liability for errors in the email address of the voucher recipient. ZALORA reserves the right to without notice deduct any Cashback which ZALORA determines in its sole discretion has been credited into your account in error.

6. In the event that ZALORA has a reasonable suspicion of fraud, an attempt at deception or in the event of the suspicion of other illegal activities in connection with redemption of Cashback on the Platform, ZALORA is entitled at its sole discretion to deduct any Cashback and close your Account and/or require a different means of payment.

7. ZALORA assumes no liability for the loss, theft, or illegibility of Cashback.

8. Cashback is valid for the specified period stated on the cashback wallet, and can only be redeemed. ZALORA reserves the right to exclude the use of Cashback for certain brands or items at its sole discretion.

9. Cashback can only be use up to 50% of the unit price of the Product after any offers, discounts or promotional pricing (including but not exclusive to voucher codes).

10. Cashback is not eligible for withdrawal or exchangeable for cash at any time.

11. Cashback is not transferable between customer accounts at any time. 

12. If any product has moved to “automatic deposit” or is manually confirmed on the cashback page of the Platform, such that Cashback is issued for that item, such products shall not be  exchangeable or refundable.

13. Please note that your available cashback will be applied proportionately to the number of items in your order