Warranties are only provided by certain individual international Watch and Luggage brand owners and any form of guarantee will be fulfilled by them. Please do not send your items back to ZALORA for servicing or warranty claims. We're sorry, but warranty claims can only be done at the respective brand's service centres. ZALORA does not provide servicing on behalf of customers.

See below for the list of brands that provide warranty for their items:


  1. Fossil
  2. Daniel Wellington
  3. Adidas 
  4. AVI-8
  5. Casio
  6. Esprit
  7. James McCabe
  8. Komono
  9. Swiss Eagle
  10. Diesel
  11. Fjord
  12. CCCP
  13. Thomas Earnshaw
  14. Klaus Kobec
  15. Cross
  16. Triwa
  17. Velocitech
  18. Cluse
  19. Maserati
  20. Kapten & Son
  21. Christian Paul
  22. Seagull


Please note that these lists are non-exhaustive. Should you require further clarification, please refer to the product description.