What could be better than getting money back on the spending you do on ZALORA? Cashback is a  reward we give to you, our favorite shoppers! 

*ZALORA cashback cannot be used outside of ZALORA.

How can I earn cashback?

 Earn cashback with eligible voucher codes! Keep an eye out for our special campaigns that gives a discount AND cashback with just one code. Here's an example of what to look out for: 

Cashback is calculated from the price of the item after discount, where the amount of cashback earned depends on the current promotion.

Here's an example:

      • Item A priced at HK$329 – 30% will give you an after discount price of HK$230.3
      • The cashback will be earned from the HK$230.3 x 20% which is HK$46.06
      • Cashback earned HK$46.06 on Item A
      • Total cashback earned on this order is HK$89.32

How can I confirm my pending Cashback?

Step 1: Clicking on Cashback from the “Account” tab will bring you to the Pending Cashback Page. Pending Cashback can only be confirmed after the order has been delivered.

Step 2: Once the order is delivered, you will be able to confirm the Pending Cashback.

Step 3: Check the box beside the Pending Cashback and press “Confirm Now”.

Step 4: A message will pop-up to check if you’d like to confirm the Cashback. Upon confirmation, no exchange or return is allowed.

Cashback is not available immediately after purchase. It is deposited into your cashback only when one of  the below two conditions are met:

    • You manually confirm items from your cashback as soon as they are delivered. Once confirmed these items can no longer be returned or exchanged.
    • The return / exchange period expires for cashback eligible items. Cashback is automatically deposited into your cashback
    • All exchanged and returned items are not eligible for cashback. Any pending cashback value earned on these products will be removed from your cashback as soon as you submit a return or exchange request.

Step 5: Once confirmed, Pending Cashback that was confirmed will disappear and you will see an updated available Cashback at the top.

Click on “See History” to view more about your earned cashback

Step 6: In History Screen, you will see 2 tabs “Earned” and “Redeemed”.

In “Earned” screen, you will see the details of the cashback you have earned, including the expiry date for this amount of cashback.

Step 7: Clicking on “Redeemed” tab, you will see cashback that has been used or has expired.

Step 8: Going back to the “Accounts” Page, you will see an updated sum of Cashback you have available after confirming the Pending Cashback as well.

How can I review my Cashback?

Step One: On ZALORA webpage, go to "Account" tab.

Step Two: Login to account and you should see the total amount of cashback you have available, beside "My Cashback".

Cashback can be accessed via the Cashback screen and consists of the following:

    • Available Cashback: Total cashback earned and available for use.
    • Pending Cashback: Cashback earned from orders but unavailable for use. Pending cashback can only be used after the item is delivered and the amount is automatically or manually confirmed. 
    • Earned Cashback: Total cashback earned. 
    • Redeemed Cashback: Cashback spent on past orders.

How can I use my Cashback?

Step 1: On your order screen, you will see that you have available Cashback that can be used on the order.

Step 2: Click on the “Usable Cashback” toggle once, and a banner saying “Usable cashback applied” will pop-up briefly. This allows you to use the Cashback of the shown amount in your order.

Step 3: If you do not want to use the Cashback, click on the  “Usable Cashback” toggle once more, and a banner saying “Usable cashback removed” will pop-up briefly.

Step 4: If you choose to use the cashback, after applying the Cashback, scroll down and click on “Go to checkout”

  • Cashback can be used on any items sold on ZALORA excluding electronic giftcards. Cashback cannot be used to pay for shipping and handling fees.
  • At checkout, you can choose whether to use cashback to pay for up to 50% of the total item value after discounts, but before wallet credit and shipping fees. ZALORA Now subscribers will enjoy free shipping on items sold by ZALORA!
  • You cannot choose how much cashback to use on your order. Please note that your available cashback will be applied proportionately to the number of items in your order.

  • Here's an example:
    • Order sub-total is HK$170 before discounts.
    • After discounts, the order value is HK$170 - HK$34 (20% discount).
    • Total usable cashback is HK$85, which is more than 50% of the order value after discounts. If you choose to use cashback, only HK$68 will be used and deducted from your order.
    • Total to be paid after discounts and cashback is HK$170 - HK$34 - HK$68 = HK$68 + HK$20 shipping fee
    • Any cashback earned from this order can only be used after manual confirmation or automatic deposit into cashback.

Step 5: Click on “Continue” after confirming your billing information.

Step 6: Click on “Review Order” after you have selected payment method.

Step 7: Click on “Order Now” after you have checked your order.

Step 8: You should see a confirmation screen after the order has been placed.

Step 9: Click on “Account” tab to check your updated available cashback.

Click on “My Cashback” to see more.

Step 10: The Cashback screen will show your updated available cashback. Click on “See History” for more information.

Step 11: Click on “Redeemed” tab to see Cashback used on your order. 

Can cashback be refunded?


Cashback that is used to pay for items bought and subsequently returned can be refunded, subject to the following rules:

    • Refunded cashback will be available for one-time use only and can be seen under Available Cashback. 
    • Refunded cashback that is used on a subsequent order that is returned will no longer be refunded. 
    • If non-refundable and refundable cashback are used on the same order, the remaining refundable cashback applicable to your returned item will be automatically calculated.
    • Refunded cashback expires 3 months after it is added back to your cashback. 

Does cashback expire?


All cashback amounts have different expiry dates, depending on the promotion for when the cashback was earned.

    • Cashback will be used in order of expiry date, regardless of when the cashback was manually confirmed or automatically deposited.
    • Cashback expiry dates can be found in your cashback. 
    • Refunded cashback expires three months after it is added back to your cashback

For more information, please read the Cashback Terms and Conditions.